Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Omy is running a "7th month promotion" called 什么鬼都有, following which we received a set of magnets from them.

Perhaps it's the trauma from work, perhaps it's the trauma from the polluted air caused by the renovation going on (for which our place looks like a fortress now), the girls got inspired by the magnets enough to end up like this:

And for the fun of it, we sent it to the OMY team to "show our support", and now, I think a couple of them are posted on the website as "scary face?" Haha.

It's great to have a bunch of crazy, fun-loving friends at work. Makes a day's work so much easier to pass!


Ruth said...

i had a good laugh! yours was hillarious.
how much longer the renovation works?

Anonymous said...

How come I dun have? :(

I saw the graphics on the designer's blog. Very very nice lor!


miss pot said...

so funny! u really have a bunch of creative and fun-loving co-workers!

corsage said...

HAHAHA :) I like your look best!

ShutterBug said...

nice! Its great to hv fun loving colleagues that dun mind being goofy infront of the cam to relieve stress :P

olimomok said...

HAHA, you guys are nutters

Jemej said...

ruth > one more year!!! =p

BBL > okie pass you the magnets the next time, lup!

miss pot, olimomok > makes work so fun! :)

corsage > no no, the mummy is the hilarious one!

shutterbug > give us a few beers and you'll see worse, haha!

woollendrums said...

hahahha! So cute :)
I like your look and the Mummy one best! I suppose it was toilet paper?!

Jemej said...

oh yes, you guessed it right! ;)

=eLaiNe= said...

hahahah!!! yours was really funny!! i love your hair!!