Monday, August 11, 2008

A Day of Something Yet Nothing

I don't remember the last time I took leave to do nothing. Well, almost nothing. The last time I took leave was to cook during Christmas, so that didn't count as it was "hard labour", and before that, the trip to Italy. So today was a day I specially put aside to spend some time with, well, myself.


Opened my eyes from deep slumber and thought how good this felt, when all my friends were just about to start work, and here I was, just waking up.


Breakfast with The Boy at Jones The Grocer. There were quite a number of expat wives sitting around having scones and tea. I asked him if he could find a job that would allow me to do the same not just today, but everyday too.

10.30am:: Muddy murky stone massage. Not sure to what extent should the masseuse talk during therapy, but she did tell me alot about her life, her family back in China. I listened politely, but somehow, I didn't quite have the heart to tell her to shut up and continue with the massage. The bitch in me was on leave too.

Overall, the experience was definitely relaxing and the Hungarian mud left my skin soft and smooth. But maybe the aromatherapy massage would do the next time, as I didn't think the stones were that much to rave about. In fact, it was ticklish, sending shivers up my spine, when she glided the stones up and down my back.

The lounge area where I waited to go for my mani/pedi next was nice and cosy. Just sitting there, staring out at the greenery was enough to bring about a sense of calm and serenity within. One would just wish that every moment in life was like that - peaceful and knowing that you have nothing else to do next!


Mani/pedi by therapist who wasn't very thorough with the cleaning of the cuticles. Otherwise, I have nothing much to comment on.

On the whole, House definitely has a very arty, back-to-basics feel to the place. The raw pillars of exposed cement and bricks, the dangling naked bulbs - unfinished yet deliberate. I like the contrast. Will be back for more love-me sessions.


After a bit of late lunch and reading (in a world of my own), I called back to the office, asked if everything was going well. I actually told @ndrea I was getting bored already. I didn't know what to do next.

I was starting to feel out of touch with the world!!! How ridiculous is that? Is that what working life does to you? It makes you work non-stop to a point where you don't know how to take time out and relax anymore? That there must be an agenda in place every day?

Gosh, think I better shelve that tai-tai dream, I'll probably rot. Or maybe I should take more of such days off to get the hang of it.


Anonymous said...

option 2 is better....

Anonymous said...

sounds like your day was positively blissful!

Little Miss Snooze said...

Hee hee,a baby will fill in the 3.30pm to dinnertime slot just nicely :P

=eLaiNe= said...

so looks like tai tai life is not that suitable for u leh! hahah! =p maybe a few more times of on leave for nothing will makes u get used to it or maybe loving it!

Pebbles said...

I think I know why the place is called House - it def. looks like someone;s hse all right.. I will go %^&* if I have nothing to do.. I'd go with option 2. It was 'audit' dae for me..btw..

Anonymous said...

surprise surprise, you didn't go shopping! your massage a bit too early, that's why.

Could have slept in a bit later, brunch then massage. By the time you are done, it's about 6ish.

You can even make dinner for the husband lor!

Seems like I'll make a better tai tai leh. Heh.

- bbl

olimomok said...

You know what they say - practice makes perfect! Which in your case translates to: take more time off!

Jemej said...

silver-crv > haha i'm sure! :)

wigglybits > i definitely feel recharged today!

lilsnooze > well, just don't let my MIL hear that. haha

elaine > yeah, practice makes perfect haha

pebbles > busy busy for you then! :)

bbl > you sound like you have it all planned out

olimomok > i'll really think about your advice babe, haha!

Candice said...

i second the "practice makes perfect!" ;)

you work too hard la, babe. always so busy!

Anonymous said...


- bbl

Classiclicious said...

I think you should take more such days off to get the hang of it. Soon will be the qualified tai-tai.:)

lingz said...

haha... do this more and you'll be qualified to be a tai tai alrdy.

Jemej said...

candice > but we must catch up someday soon!!

bbl > LUP!

classiclicious, lingz > haha, will do that! :)

Candice said...

yes yes! let's try to do dinner with the BMWs. :)

ShutterBug said...

hahaha... Looked like a great day for u nontheless :)

Must always remember for what reasons we are all working so hard... Try leaving ur phone at home once in a while :)

欣颖 said...

Hey..when will you be going to the States ? Any chance you going Kate Spade ? *wink*

sw said...

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Anonymous said...

ya not blogging anymore? =)

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