Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Wild Time Amidst the Madness

Falling behind yet again with my blog entries. It's the time of the "B" - Budgeting. Given that the company is run generally by a number of shrewd Chinese bankers, there's no room for slip-ups on our part, everything has to be detailed, precise and accountable for. This explains largely for my absence from the cyberspace.

Catching up a little here, the BBs and I celebrated @ndrea's belated birthday a few weeks ago at Wild Rocket at Mount Emily. Our first time there, we totally enjoyed ourselves, the food was really as good as the reviews have been.

More importantly, it was quality time spent with my BBs, as we caught up with each other on how we have been separately. By the end of the evening and 2 bottles of vino, we were all giggly-happy, like how we have always been back during those days at the Bay.

Sigh, I do miss those times.

Not wishing for the night to end so soon, it was spontaneous Rochor bean curd thereafter, even though we were totally stuffed after a sumptuous dinner.

Much has happened since the day @ndrea and I left the Bay, yet the bond between the 4 of us remains strong and steadfast and I am just simply thankful and appreciative for this friendship and camaraderie.

BBs, LUP!!


corsage said...

It is such a blessing to have made such good friends at work! Not many can say the same. Hope this little catch-up gave you the fuel to charge on amidst the busyness :)

ShutterBug said...

hey hey... take some time to catch up is good :D

Great to see you posting also.. haha.. let's organise lunch this week shall we :)

=eLaiNe= said...

aww..another sweet post after i read lms latetst post ! but it is great to see u start posting something again! btw..been "seeing" u virtually few times , first in i-weekly, then in DJ Anna's blog! hahhahh! =p

Jemej said...

corsage > Indeed, and I'm ever so thankful! :)

shutterbug > haha, i was just thinking when will our "wine dinner" be? ;)

elaine > Oh! Anna is simply the sweetest, haha. :)